Chinese dishes – Peking/Beijing Duck

Chinese food is very popular all over the world. Most Chinese meals come with rice or noodles as well as vegetables, meat, fish, pork or chicken.

Peking/Beijing Duck is probably China’s most famous food and is a tasty meal of crispy duck slices eaten on thin pancakes with a kind of dipping sauce called hoisin sauce. Sometimes thin slices of cucumber are also eaten in these pancakes.

Sweet and Sour is also famous and includes chunks of pork, shrimp or vegetable served with pineapple pieces is a sauce that is sweet and sour at the same time. China is also known for spicy and hot dishes.

Gongbao Chicken is made with chicken, peanuts and chili peppers while Hot Pot is a stew of meats and vegetables boiled right at the table!

Mapo Doufuis a meal made of tofu, chili peppers, and beans in a spicy sauce. An area of China known especially for its spicy food is Sichuan, so keep a glass of water near you when eating Szechuan!

Dim sum, a meal made out of different snacks, is also popular in China. Normally dim sum is served in the early morning and afternoon, a lot like brunch is served in the West.

Dumplings, or steamed or fried buns filled with vegetables and meats, are very popular at dim sum and even as roadside snacks.

Tea is served at dim sum meals and often comes in flavors like Green Tea and Chrysanthemum, just like the flower!

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