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There are many folk tales, epic poems and important novels in Turkish literature. Five of the most commonly known characters are Koroglu, Dede Korkut, Karagoz & Hacivat and Nasreddin Hoca.

Epic of Koroglu: Is the story where the son of a blind horse trainer avenges a wrongdoing. One day a horse trainer spots a unique horse and tells the head of the clan that it makes a perfect gift for the king. However, the head of the clan thinks the horse-trainer is making fun of him as the little colt looks tiny and weak. The head of the clan orders the horse trainer to be blinded. The son of the horse trainer Koroglu (translates as “The son of the blind man”) grows up and trains that tiny horse to be a great stallion. Finally Koroglu rides the stallion and punishes the head of the clan because of his mistake.

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Dede Korkut Stories: Dede Korkut is an old wise man who resolves important problems and gives others advice to handle with conflicts. Some of the Dede Korkut stories are related with monsters, ferries, heroes and supernatural creatures.

Karagoz & Hacivad: are the two major characters in the traditional Turkish shadow play. In the play, the colorful string-puppets move behind a screen which is made of very thin camel or cow skin. Karagoz is less educated and straight-forward where Hacivad is calmer and smarter.

Nasreddin Hoca: is a public figure from Central Anatolia who supposedly lived in 13thcentury. Nasreddin Hoca always makes witty remarks about what is happening around him. The way Turks put it, his jokes not only entertain you but also make you think deeply at the same time. One of his famous jokes is about his fall from the donkey he was riding. After he apparently falls off the donkey, he smiles and goes on to say, “I was going to get off anyways…”

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