Croatian Cuisine and Traditional Foods

Each part of Croatia has a different cuisine. You can taste something new every day.

Croatian people have three main meals in the day. Breakfast is light. People drink coffee, tea, or chocolate milk, and eat bread with jam.

Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. It usually has a soup, meat with vegetables prepared in different ways, and a salad. Salad is made of greens with a pinch of salt, and a sprinkle of oil and vinegar in the spring and summer, or pickled vegetables during the winter.

Dinner is usually made of leftovers from lunch. If not, people cut dry sausages and cheese.

Croatian people really like eating bread, and they can eat it with almost anything. Old people can even eat bread when they eat fruits like oranges, figs, or grapes. Bread is often home-made, but sometimes people buy it from bakery shops.Sea parts of Croatia eat a lot of fish and seafood like mussels, octopus, and calamari with olive oil, and vegetables. It’s called Mediterranean cuisine, and it’s very healthy and delicious. A lot of people are fishermen. They use their little boats called “barka” to go out to the sea and throw their fish nets to catch fish.

People who live next to the sea say that a fish swims three times. The first time, it’s in the sea. The second time, it’s in the oil when it’s grilled. The third time, it is in wine that you drink when eating it.

Fish plate with fish, mussels, calamari, Swiss chard with potatoes shown above.

A way of preparing food under the metal top covered with hot ember is very popular. They often prepare young lamb or veal with potatoes, or octopus with potatoes this way.

Cheese made from sheep milk and “pršut” (prosciutto) are very popular, and they taste delicious.

In the continental parts of Croatia, more heavy and spicy food is popular. “Kulen” is a spicy kind of a sausage that people like to eat.

Pork is a favorite kind of meat in continental parts of Croatia. There are many foods prepared from it.

Besides meat, pasta dishes are popular here. “Štrukli” is a meal made of pasta filled with cheese. “Štrukli” are prepared in many ways. They can be cooked in a soup or baked like a cake.

A kind of a stew called “paprikaš” with fish or meat is cooked with red pepper. Pepper gives it a spicy taste.

“Sarma” is a meal made from minced meat rolled in sour cabbage leaf. It is cooked in a soup with tomato sauce, and served with mashed potatoes.

Apple strudel, berries strudel, cheese strudel and other kinds of strudel are a part of Croatian cuisine. “Krempite” (cream pies) are cakes with vanilla and egg cream and they are one of the most popular cakes in Croatia.


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