Croatian Travel Destinations

Croatia has many beautiful places that are worth a visit.

Even though Croatia is a small country, it has seven national parks. These are parts of nature that are protected from harm by law.

The oldest national park is Plitvice, or Plitvička jezera (Plitvice lakes). They are made from 16 wonderful lakes.

The Source: Google search for images “Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera”

Near the Plitvice lakes there is another national park, the mountain Risnjak. It is a beautiful place full of natural wonders.

The Source: Google image search for “NP Risnjak”

National park Risnjak is not the only mountain that is protected. There is also Northern Velebit. It’s a part of the longest mountain in Croatia. There is a kind of a flower that grows only there, and nowhere else in the world.

The Source: Google search for images “Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit”, and “Velebitska degenija”

The mountain Velebit faces the sea, and a bit further in the sea there is a national park Kornati. Kornati are islands in the part of the Adriatic Sea that belongs to Croatia. Kornati are rocky islands that are beautiful, but not full of life.

The Source: Google search for images “Kornati”

There is another island that is a national park, and that is the island of Mljet. Mljet is an island covered with forest and full of life.

The Source: Google search for images “NP Mljet”

National park Waterfalls of Krka is based on the river Krka and its beautiful waterfalls.

The Source: Google image search for “NP Krka”

These national parks are all based in the part of Croatia near the sea. There is only one national park in the continental part of Croatia. It’s a swamp area called Kopački rit. It is full of life. There are many kinds of birds living there, deer and doe, fish and many other animals.

The Source: Google image search “NP Kopački rit”

Beside national parks, there are many other places to visit as well.

Cities on the coast side of Croatia are pretty with their thousands of years old churches and old houses. For example, there is an old Roman Empire Arena in a city of Pula. It is about 2,000 years old. You can go inside and see how where the gladiators fought. Today, concerts take place there.

If you like continent and green nature better than sea, Croatia has many mountains, hills, and plains to offer. There are old castles you can visit.

The plain of Slavonija is known for its golden fields of wheat.

If you love science, you will want to visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla. He is a Croatian who lived in USA for more than a half of his life. He is one of the greatest scientists, but he is not as famous as some others are because he didn’t like to be in the center of attention. He invented radio, radar, X-rays, robots, but others took credit for those things.

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