Cuisine of Pakistan

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Cuisine of Pakistan

Lamb and Lentil StewAbundant with traditional and diverse dishes, Pakistani cuisine is a combination of varied and complex flavors. Mint and tamarind chutney, lamb and lentil stew, and mantu are just a few dishes from this not very well-known food from this culture. It is a complex blend of Far Eastern,  Middle Eastern, and Indian cooking techniques. These characteristics make the food from the Pakistani region much more distinctive than other cuisines.

Beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables are the main foods in which meals are prepared, since many Muslims who are practicing Islam religion do not eat pork; for these people alcohol is also forbidden to consume. An interesting and unique cooking style which is native to this region is called “Mughal”, this method made up of herbs and spices, raisins, and almonds. Mughal plays a very important part of the cuisine from Pakistan. Rich with condiments and sauces used to add a spicy kick to their food, Pakistani cuisine is no comparison with any other cultures food you have experienced.

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