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The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is the country’s cultural heart. The population of St. Petersburg is 5 million (as of October 2012). View splendid architectural gems like the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, and browse the world-renowned art collection of the Hermitage.
Moscow is the political, scientific, historical, architectural and business center of Russia. Moscow is Russia’s capital city and is the largest city in the country. As of 2010, Moscow’s population was 10,562,099, which also makes it one of the top ten largest cities in the world. Because of its size, Moscow is one of the most influential cities in Russia.

Yekaterinburg (also spelled Ekaterinburg) is the tourist’s city, jam-packed with libraries, theaters and museums, plus seemingly out of place monuments that pay homage to entities like Michael Jackson and a keyboard. Yekaterinburg is the fourth largest city in Russia (after Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk). The population is about 1,425,000 (2012)
Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan, situated in the European part of Russia on the banks of the Volga and the Kazanka Rivers. Kazan population is about 1,161,000 (2012). No matter your spiritual inclination, you simply must visit the Temple of All Religions, a Technicolor cultural center built by artist Ildar Khanov. Though still a work in progress, the “temple” is a feast for the eyes—and the spirit.

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