Russian children’s game

3 Common Children’s Games of Russia

1)      Brook: The children make pairs, and grab each other’s hands and hold them up. They create a brook, and the child without a partner stays in the front, closes his or her eyes, and walks through the brook to choose another partner. The two children walk to the end of the already formed brook, and they grab hands and put them up into the air. This should add on to the brook, and the child without a partner must do the same thing.

2)      Wizards: For this game, four or more children must take part in it. One child runs after all of the other children and tries to tag them. Whomever the tagger touches, they must freeze and scream “help me” until a child who has not been tagged can touch them and free them. This game is over when all of the kids have been tagged.

3)      P’yanitsa: This game consists of two to four players for this card game. The players attempt to collect all of the cards. One player lays down a high numbered card, and each player does the same thing. Whoever has the highest number when they throw it down gets the pile. The child with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

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