Russian Food

Common Russian Cuisine

1)      Borsch: Beet soup. Extremely common, famous for being a base soup in Russia. It is packed with vegetables and meat, and topped with a spoonful of sour cream. It can be eaten for lunch or an appetizer for dinner.

2)      Pirozkhi: Little pastries full of potatoes, cabbage, cheese, or a meat of choice. It can be an appetizer, a snack, or even dinner for small children.

3)      Bilini: this appetizer is so important; it is served every year on the first day of spring, at a festival called Maslenitsa. Bilini is served with jam, cheese, onions, caramel, or chocolate syrup. It is a pastry roll that children love.

3 Famous Desserts

1)      Morozhenoe: Russian ice cream. Children love ice cream in Russia, and it is often served with toppings like syrups, candy, nuts, or sprinkles. The ice cream comes in many flavors, and is a highlight for kids in Russia.

2)      Pashka: dried fruit, soft cheese almost like a marshmallow, combined with pastilla (candy, baked apples, honey).

3)      Medovie: eight layered honey cake with a sour cream and milk mixture filling. This is typically a pricey cake when made correctly, but a huge hit in Russia.

3 Simple Recipes

1)      Russian Pancakes

  • Ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat flour, ½ cup white flour, 1.5 cups buttermilk, 1 egg, ½ tspbking soda, ½ tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp vegetable oil
    • Directions: 1. using a whisk, mix the egg, salt, and sugar in a bowl, then add  buttermilk

2. Combine flour and baking soda in another bowl, and then add   to liquid   mixture

3. Mix until even, add vegetable oil to frying pan

4. Scoop mixture with spoon, add circular size mixture to pan. Fry until one side is golden, flip, repeat.

2)      Chicken Kabob

  • Ingredients: 2 lbs boneless chicken breast, ¼ cup vinegar, 11/4 cup red wine, 1 large sliced onion, salt and pepper 4 bay leaves, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis
  • Directions: 1. Cut meat in cubes, slice the onion, transfer into pot.

2. Add all remaining ingredients. Mix well.

3. Cover the pot, put in refrigerator for a few hours.

4. Transfer meat on to skewers, alternate with vegetables. Grill on

Medium. Cook until brown. Serve.

3)      Kasha Varnishkas

  • Ingredients: ¼ lbs bow tie pasta, 1 cup kasha, 1 ¾ cups water, 1 large onion, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Directions: 1. Cook pasta according to package instructions

2. Boil water; in the pot, toast kasha until heated, add boiling water

And salt

3. Cook until water evaporates, sautee onion in olive oil until


4. Mix pasta, kasha, and onion. Serve.

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