Russian children day – Russian culture fun facts for kids

Children’s Day

June 1st, Russians honor small children and the youth with child proof, family oriented activities, speeches, programs, and events to enlighten everyone on the well-being of Russia’s youth. There are charities and events for abused children, and more child friendly shows on television on than any other day of the year. This day is a holiday for all Children of Russia.

Festivals and Holidays

1)      BeliyeNoche: Also known as white nights, Russians gather at the famous festival to celebrate the zenith of summer, when nonstop 24 hours of sunshine covers the city of St. Petersburg. This day occurs from June 11th to July 2nd. The tradition is to head to the rivers to watch the bridges raise, so that the boats can pass through. According to Russians and tourists, it is truly a breath taking site.

2)      New Year: The biggest celebration hands down, Russians prepare for this day weeks in advance. The belief is that “the way you celebrate the New Year will indicate how you will fare in the remainder of that year.” Russians bring in the New Year with their families, but after midnight is when they head to parties and clubs.

3)      Easter: A major holiday of Russia, Easter day changes each year depending on the lunar calendar. There is a feast, egg paintings, and religious meeting as well. Easter in Russia is a lot like Easter in the Western hemisphere.

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