Curriculum L3-L9 (Advanced)

Level 3 – 13 units

LL: Videos + Books + Games + TestsWhat is your name.Greetings.How old are you.Where are you from.Where is it.What do you want.What are you doing.My day.Family members.Who are you – professions.Pronouns.What is that.What can you do.

Level 4 – 10 units

LL Terry & Rexy: Videos + Books + Games + TestsNumbers.Animals.Colors.Food.Verbs and actions.Body parts.Clothes.Vehicles.Shapes.General phrases.

Level 5 – 26 units

Fables: Videos + Books + Games + TestsThe lion and the mouse (Aesop)The ant and the grasshopper.(Aesop)The tortoise and the hare. (Aesop)The dog and his reflection. (Aesop)The Peacock and crane.(Aesop)The goose with the golden eggs.(Aesop)The bear and the fox.(Aesop)The crow and the fox.(Aesop)The stork and the fox.(Aesop)The lion and the bear and the fox.(Aesop)The fox and the grapes.(Aesop)The fox and the hedgehog.(Aesop)The boy who cried wolf.(Aesop)The bear and the two travelers.(Aesop)The three bearsThe hare and the lionThe sheep the lamb the wolf and a rabbitBeauty and the beastThe impatient farmerThe bear princeThe monkeys and dragonfliesThe NightingaleA scared rabbit and the end of the world. The giant turnip storyThe story of SaciThe shepherd who understood the language of the animals.

Level 6 – 14 units

Stories: Videos + Books + Games + TestsLittle red riding hood.Jack and the bean stalk.Hansel and Gretel.Cinderella.Ali Baba And The 40 ThievesSnow white.Pinocchio.Aladdin.Peter Pan.Rapunzel.Gulliver’s adventures.Around the world.Funny questions.Crazy animals.

Level 7 – 7 units

Stories: (No videos) Books + Games + TestsThe Babylonian TreeThe Princess And The PeaThe King’s New ClothesThe Musicians Of BremenThe Runaway PancakeCattarinettaThe Fastest Toy

Level 8  – 

Level 9 – Songs

1- English SongsBingo.Camel.Black sheep.Daisy.Five little monkeys.If you’re happy.Itsy-bitsy.London bridge.Looby loo.Michael Finnegan.Mulberry Bush.Old McDonald.Pat a cake.Row row row your boat.She will be coming round the mountain.Six little ducks.Ten in a bed.The farmer in the dell.The wheels of the bus.Twinkle twinkle.English and Polish has 20 songs, other premium languages have 10 songs.

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