Dutch Children’s Games

DINOLINGO “Sjoelbakken”: This is a very popular Dutch shuffleboard game. Sjoelbak is loved by kids, but adults can also play it. All you need is a 6 ½-foot wooden shuffleboard table and wooden disks. Every player has three chances to get four wooden disks to pass four marked arches that are numbered from 1 to 4. The player with the highest number of points wins the game.

“Kinkkeren”: Round shiny marbles have captured the imaginations of Dutch children for centuries. This game of shooting marbles dates back to the Romans and is still extremely popular in the Netherlands. Dutch children have even gone as far as giving specific marbles special names. For example, a large marble is called a “giant giant bonk.” There are many varieties of marble games, however they all require players to use their marbles to “shoot” competitors’ marbles out of a large circular arena marked on the ground. The last player with untouched marbles wins the game.


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