Dutch food

DINOLINGO  The number one fast food in the Netherlands is fresh cut French fries served with a variety of sauces. In addition, local favorites include eel- and raw herring sandwiches, hardy deep brown bread rolls with Gouda cheese, and rich potato dishes like ‘hutspot’ and ‘boerenkool’. Hutspot is made from boiled potatoes, carrot and onions. After it is boiled, it needs to be mashed with lots of butter and a variety of cheeses. This is all served with traditional sausage and a yummy creamy mushroom gravy.
You will also find a big variety of delectable sweets like chocolate, spiced biscuits, and “stroopwafels”. Stroop wafels consist of two tiny, thinly cut waffles with a thick carmel syrup between that crystallizes the cookie into a chewy morsel. Before eating, you can place the cookie on top of a hot cup of tea or chocolate, in order to soften it a bit.

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