Filipino History Facts

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The first humans came to the Philippians about 67,000 years ago. They used rafts and small makeshift boats. They were different tribes of the neighboring islands.  In 1565, a Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived and made the first settlement on the island of Cebu.  They then moved north to the bay of Manila on the island of Luzon.  Here, they made a new town and colonized the areas for more than 300 years.  Spanish rule helped bring all of the islands that were separate communities and kingdoms into one nation known as the Philippines.

Spain brought Christianity, a code of law, the first public education system in Asia, and the university system to the Philippines. Education was free for all Filipinos and Spanish literature and publications increased.  Spain also brought the western version of printing, established the Gregorian calendar, and built train networks and modern bridges.  Lots of towns were made and new crops and livestock brought to this country.  The Spaniards also made the first hospital in the Philippines.

In 1898, with the help of the United States, the First Philippine Republic was made.  A treaty after the Spanish American War gave the Philippines to the United States.  There was a war against the United States, but the President of the Philippines was captured and the United States won control over the Philippines. The United States ruled the Philippines until 1946. The Treaty of Manila allowed the Philippine Republic to be an independent nation after WW II.

The country returned to democracy after getting rid of President Marcos in 1986.  Benigno Aquino III began his presidency on June 30, 2010, the fifteenth President of the Philippines.

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