Greek Common Words and Phrases

The Greek language dates back to the 15th century B.C.  It has 24 letters and is written in lower and upper case.  Today, it is the official language of Greece and Cyprus and one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. The language is spoken by at least 25 million people as their first or second language in Greece, Cyprus, and parts of the world.

Some common words and phrases in the Greek language include:

Welcome  Kalos Ilthes (or Kalos Orises)
Hello Yia or Yia sou
How are you? Ti kaneis? (Ti kanis?)
Fine, thank you Kala, efkharisto
Please Parakalo
What is your name? Pos se lene?
My name is… Me lene…
Where are you from? Apo pou ise?
I am from… Ime apo…
Nice meeting you Kharika gia ti gnorimia
Good Morning Kalimera
Good Night Kalinihta
Good Afternoon Kalo Apogevma
Good Evening Kalispera (Kalo vradi)
Goodbye Andio
Thank you Efkharisto
You are welcome Parakalo
Sorry Sighnomi
Excuse me Me singhoris
Bon Appetite Kali orexi

Many English, French, German words have Greek roots. Over fifty thousand English words are derived from the Greek language alone. These words are often used in the sciences and in medicine.   Some of these words you will be sure to recognize!

alphabet: alphavitos
Catholic: Catholicos
democracy: dimokratia
fantasy: fantasia
harmony: harmonia
idea: idea
kilo: kilo
logic: logici
museum: mousio
philosophy: philosophia
rhythm: rythmos
therapy: therapia
zodiac: zodiacos

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Online Greek lessons for kids:

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