Greek Customs and Etiquette: Warm and Inviting Hospitality

Greeks are much known for their hospitality. They are warm, kind, and welcoming people. It’s not uncommon to be a visitor and be invited to some kind of family outing, or to a home for tea and coffee. To say hello, you may be offered food of various types, and if they offer dinner then the host pays the tab as a token of hospitality. They make eye contact, give you a firm hand shake, and will offer a bright smile. It is usually welcomed to have a gift for the child, but the host generally appreciates it if you accept their kind gestures rather than offering money. Respecting one’s elder is also a huge deal in Greece. If one see’s an elderly person crossing the street, one will help. If one is seated and an elder needs to have a seat, the younger individual will give that seat to the elder. Try not to take pictures of things, ANYTHING in have to do with armed forces (military) and do not take souvenirs from historical sites. That is removing history from their home, and considered unkind to do.

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