How Much Time Should My Child Spend Learning a New Language Online?

Learning a new language takes time. Even for adults, it can be difficult to retain new information about a language. So, how long should children spend learning a new language online? We have some important information for you to consider before deciding what works for your child and family.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 2 to 5 should limit their screen time to one hour per day. They also ask parents to put consistent limits on screen time for kids ages 6 and older. These limits will help make sure your child has time to complete physical activities and has a good night’s rest.
  • A lot of people believe the thirty minute study method works well when learning something new. In this lifehack article, the author explains how most people do not take any time out of their day to learn something new. Gradually kids will start to understand the language if they commit this amount of time every day to learning it, according to life coaches like Zoe B. So, not only will your child learn a new language, but this practice will help them continue to learn new things in the future by developing the habit.
  • Another thing to consider is how you can engage your child with the material. They’ll want to spend more time learning online if they are in control, enthused, and have games to play, according to Education Corner. DinoLingo is designed specifically for young viewers. So, they’ll feel all of those things while watching our videos. We also have games and quizzes to keep the learning fun. This will all come together to keep your little one focuses on the screen while they learn.

In conclusion, we believe kids should learn a second language online for around thirty minutes a day. After that, children can start to get overwhelmed or impatient. We want them to remember learning a new language is fun and not a chore. The wonderful thing about DinoLingo is that we have learning aids like printable materials, songs, stories, and audio-books in most languages too. That way, kids can spend the recommended time online, then spend more time with the language off of the computer. Our online videos, games, and quizzes only take a few minutes, so your child can get through a few of them a day.

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