How to Create a Good Language Learning Environments

How to Create a Good Language Learning Environments for Preschoolers

• Have fun integrating the language as a part of your daily routines. For example, sing morning songs in the language, play alphabet, and counting games, guessing games, and have a word of the day.
• Read stories to your child in the language. Keep these light, fun, and brief. Encourage your child to interact with the book and you (for example, together, act out the stories, use funny faces, give voice to the characters).
• Find other children who speak the target language for your child to play with. Make this language dates fun by providing props (treats and toys, musical instruments, scavenger hunts). Children learn a lot from each other. Even finding children a bit older than your child will provide positive “big boy” role models.
• Look for games in the target language, including things like board games and flash cards that encourage interactions.
• Find funny cartoons and characters that use the target language.
• Use crafts as an opportunity to speak and interact in the target language. Consider making cultural learning opportunities out of the craft time as well.
• Play songs in the second language in the car or use headphones on public transport.
• Be enthusiastic and positive about learning the language.
• Don’t be overly focused on perfection or correction, instead focus on what your child has achieved.
Source: King, K., & Mackey, A. (2007). The bilingual edge: Why, when, and how to teach your child a second language. New York: Collins


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