Malaysian Children’s Games


It’s played by wrapping all around the gasing with a rope. In the end of the rope, there’s a knot that must be band into a player finger. After wrapping all the gasing. Player will throw the gasing on the ground and the gasing will be spinning until it stopped.

Verbal/nonverbal communication

Walk in front of older people by walking with half of the body been bent. This is to showing respect to the older people. Kiss hand while shaking hands with older people also showing respect.


Sitting cross-legged;

Malay women will be taught to sitting cross-legged to showing polite to other people who see them. It’s not polite if Malay women sit like a man.

Visiting friends/family;

Malay people practice visiting their neighbor to strengthen the relationship with each of them. It’s also to show that they care about each other.


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