Malaysian Fun Facts and Famous Places

Silat show in wedding event;

Silat is an old Malay martial arts that have been passed down to each generation. Not just for defend, but can also be used to entertain people. The people who will perform the silat, that called “Pesilat” will perform their show in front of the married couple.

9. Famous place

Kota A Famosa Melaka;

This is the place where Portuguese build their fortress to strengthen their power while conquering the Malay land long ago. This place has been marked as a valuable asset for tourism. There’re a lot of things that you can see while visiting this place.

Langkawi Island;

This island is the place where the legendary women called  “Mahsuri” has been killed because of accused by her mother in law. She jealous by Mahsuri beauty and respectful that she had. Because of that, she accused Mahsuri that she has done a disgraceful act by alone together with another man. The history of Mahsuri in Malay culture has to make Langkawi Island is one of the famous places in Malaysia.


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