Malaysian Games

There are many different kinds of martial arts.  Silat and Tomoi (a form of kickboxing) are traditional, popular versions.

Kite flying (wau-flying) is a traditional game. Competitions take place with judges giving out awards for craftsmanship.  Some kites are made to make a sound as they are pulled to fly in the air.

Sepak raga has been played for hundreds of years.  The players stand in a circle and kick a rattan ball using any part of their body except the arms and hands.  The goal is to keep the ball in the air.  Sepak raga is Malaysia’s national sport and it is even played in international sporting events such as the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games.

Gasing is also popular.  You spin a top and see how long it spins.  Some players get their tops to spin for more than two hours!

The board game of Congkak is a version of the mancala game, which was invented in Egypt.  You move stones, marbles, beads or shells around a wooden board with 12 or more holes.

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