Romanian Tourist Attractions

Romania is one of those countries that have it all: mountains, valleys, hills, shores, lowlands. You never get bored. Romanians themselves find their country a beauty of nature. And the tourists that visit Romania every year think so as well.

The Romanian mountains are known as the Carpathians. You’re probably thinking: what do these mountains have that’s so special? Well, besides the amazing view? Let’s see: lakes, waterfalls, natural reservations, mud volcanoes.These mud volcanoes basically spit out water with mud. Also, the Bucegi Mountains, part of the Carpathians, are well known for their ski slopes. But you can also have great adventures climbing these mountains in summer. There are even some interesting big shaped rocks called the Sphinx and “Babele” (which means old ladies in Romanian).

The Black Sea is also a tourist magnet. You’d definitely love to feel the sandy beaches under your feet. The water is great! You have 12 resorts where you can have all the fun in the world.

Just above the Black Sea, there is another wonder of nature: the Danube Delta. The Danube is a very important river. Before it flows in the Black Sea, the Danube forms a beautiful Delta. This place is full of beautiful fish, birds and water plants. It’s the perfect place to see together swans, pelicans, wild cats, raccoon dogs and many more.

If you’re a fan of monasteries and castles, Romania has them too. Monasteries can be found all over the country. And the castles are impressive. They give a glance at how kings used to live. There are now open to the public. But let’s not forget about the famous one: Count Dracula’s Castle. Apparently, Vlad Dracul never lived there. But that’s not that important. The castle is amazing and it’s considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

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