What to Wear? – Romanian Attire

Popular clothes

It is important to understand that the Romanian traditional costume has remained unchanged over the centuries.  Some elements of the costume differ from one region to another.

Ie – represents the basic piece of the costume both for men and women.  It is a shirt made from wool, hemp or linen. The shirt is tied round the waist with a kind of belt called brau.


The traditional clothing includes a white shirt (ie), a straight apron (catrinta) in different colors, sizes.  The decoration style and arrangement may vary from one region to another.  Furthermore, Romanian women wear basmale, which are squares of fabric woven in cotton, silk or wool, decorated with embroidery. Basmalele are most of the cases folded in half diagonally and worn by women to cover their heads, by tying them at the back, or under the chin.


The traditional clothing includes a white shirt (ie), white trousers, a hat, a belt, waistcoat or overcoat.  

 Opinci– represent leather peasant sandals.

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