Romanian Edible Eats- Food of Romania


Romanian food is amazing, it is simply impossible not to find something you will adore.

Mici-little sausage shaped meatballs made of pork, mutton and beef.  You can serve them with mustard and fries.

Boeuf salad (Salata Boeuf)

 This salad is served on Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It contains potatoes, carrots, chicken meat , parsnip, mustard, salt and piper.  All the ingredients are boiled and cut in cube shapes.  We add home mayonnaise.  You can decorate it with olives and carrots.

Ciorba – represents the Romanian sour soup: ciorba radauteana (vegetables, chicken and cream), ciorba de perisoare (vegetables and pork meatballs), ciorba de vacuta (made with beef).

Drob de miel – has the form of a cake.  It is made from lamb’s organs.

Pork Jelly (Racitura de porc)

This Romanian dish is popular around the winter holidays.  People use  pork trotters, rind, ears or feet because they have a lot of natural gelatin.

Sarmale – cabbage or vine leaves stuffed with mince and rice.  Romanian people eat sarmale with mamaliga (made of cornmeal).  We generally serve them on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Ciolan afumat – smoked pork knuckle served with beans and red onion.

Tochitura moldoveneasca (Moldavian stew)

It contains pork meat, sausages, eggs, cheese and polenta.  You can serve it with onion.

Chiftelute (Meatballs)

 They are made of pork or chicken meat, eggs, onion, garlic, carrots and potatoes.  In case you are a vegetarien, you can eat mushroom balls.

Papanasi – cottage cheese donuts, topped with sour cream, chocolate or fruit preserve

Cozonac – sweet bread with raisins, nut people prepare on Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.

Pasca – Easter pie with raisins, sweet cheese and cream

Placinte “poale-n brau” (Poale-n brau pies)

They are made with sweet cheese and cream.

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