Norwegian Geography

Three-fifths of the country is covered with mountains.  There are also farmlands in the valleys, fishing villages, and fjords.  Fjords are narrow inlets of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes.  In the north, there is a large region called Svalbard Archipelago made up of fjords, mountains, and islands.  Further north and above the Arctic Circle, you will find the land of the Midnight Sun where the sun shines all day and night for part of the summer.  In the southern part of Norway, there are farmlands, beaches, and the Western Fjords.

The climate in the north is very cold.  There are many arctic animals in addition to the reindeer such as polar fox, polar hare, wolf, wolverine, seal, walrus, and polar bear.  In the south, there are moose, deer, fox, and otter.

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