Norwegian People

Most people in Norway are Norwegians. The Norwegian language is related to German and early English. Norwegians can understand both Swedish and Danish as these two languages are quite similar to Norwegians. In their country, there are two standard languages: Bokmal and Nynorsk.

The Sami people are a native population in Norway. They are also called Lapps. They number about 30,000 people and live in the northern parts of the country. They are the Arctic reindeer herders. Their language is completely different from Norwegian. The Sami children are taught Sami as their first language in school and Norwegian as a foreign language.

There is an immigrant population of 6% who live in Norway. They live mostly in the larger cities. Most of the immigrants come from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Russia. There are some people who come from African countries, Southeast Asia and also from the Middle East.

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