Polish Alphabet


The Polish Alphabet

The Polish Alphabet (lowercase): a, ą, b, c, ć, d, e, ę, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, ł, m, n, ń, o, ó, p, r, s, ś, t, u, w, y, z, ź, ż

The Polish Alphabet (uppercase): A, Ą, B, C, Ć, D, E, Ę, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, Ł, M, N, Ń, O, Ó, P, R, S, Ś, T, U, W, Y, Z, Ź, Ż

Polish is the official language of Poland. The Polish language is used throughout Poland and by other Polish people who live in other countries.  It is a Slavic language like Russian. It is the second largest spoken Slavik language after Russian. The Polish alphabet has 9 letters which are not in the English alphabet. These nine letters look like English letters, but they have marks above or below them.  The 9 upper and lower case letters are Ą ą, Ć ć, Ę ę, Ł ł, Ń ń, Ś ś, Ó ó, Ź ź, Ż ż.  The letters q, v, and x are not considered part of the Polish alphabet, but these letters are used for foreign words and names.

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