Polish Clothing

On festivals and special occasions, Polish people wear traditional folk costumes.  These are different in each of the regions of Poland, but most are brightly colored and embroidered.  The women wear long, colorful skirts with ribbons and white blouses with an embroidered vest.  They may wear their hair in braids or a wreath of flowers around their heads.  Girls wear wooden shoes.

Men’s folk dress is similar.  They wear white pants and a white embroidered jacket.  They wear a white shirt with a red tie and a flat-topped black and white hat. Traditionally, the szlachta (Polish nobles) wore a kind of robe called a kontusz tied with a sash (pas kontuszowy).

Everyday dress in Poland is similar to what people would wear in other countries of Europe and the United States.  Blue jeans are popular, along with other trends in modern day fashion.

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