Polish Food

Poland has many hearty meals and specialties. Here are some of the examples of Polish Cuisine.

Golabki (Polish Cabbage Roll): It’s a traditional Polish dish made from boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around ground pork or beef with chopped onions, barley, andbaked like a casserole with tomato sauce.

Goulasz (Goulash): In Poland, Goulash is a time of meat stew with paprika and vegetables.

Bigos (“Hunter’s Stew”) is the national Polish dish. There’s no single recipe, since it varies from region and family but typically this meat stew is made of cabbage, saurkraut, various cuts of meat and/or sausage, and tomatoes. Bigos is served with rye bread on the side or even inside a loaf of rye bread!

Makowiec: A pastry roll made with a rich filling forming a swirl of poppy seed spread.


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