Polish fun facts

The symbol of Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a mermaid.

The symbol of Poland is a white eagle, and throughout the country’s history, the eagle has sometimes been depicted wearing a crown or not wearing a crown, depending on the government and occupying nations of Poland. Currently, the eagle wears a crown.

Every hour, the trumpeter of Krakow plays the same melody from the top of a tower in the Krakow Square. However, he abruptly stops the tune in the middle of a note and never finishes. This symbolizes the original Trumpeter of Krakow, who, long ago, from the top of the tower, saw invaders coming and he played his trumpet to warn the citizens of the invasion and to tell them to flee the city. Many citizens heard him play and managed to escape, but as the invaders rode into town, one of them shot an arrow at the trumpeter and killed him while he was playing, interrupting his song. That’s why today the trumpeter never finishes the song either, as a tribute to the trumpeter who saved the people of the city.

Fast facts: 

Polish is the official language of Poland.
A total of 17 Poles won the Nobel Prize.
Two of the common Polish origin words found in English are schlub and schmuk.

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