Slovakian Children’s Songs

Kom Kom Kominar             Chim Chim Cimney Man (a nursery rhyme)

Tancuj, Tancuj Vykrucaj     Dance, Dance, Turn Around (a folk song)

Styri Kroky Dopredu           Four Steps Forward (a folk song and dance)

Dobru Noc                        Good Night (a lullaby)

Na Zelenej Luke                In the Green Meadow

Isli Pani Na Hrusky            The Men Went to Gather Pears (a hand-clapping rhyme)

Varila Mysicka Kasicku       Mother Mouse was Cooking Porridge (a finger play)

Oli, Oli, Janko                   Oli, Oli, Little John

Pec Nam Spadla               Our Oven Fell Down

Tap, tap, Tapusky            Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

Spi deit’atko spize            Sleep, Baby sleep

Plava Kacka Po Jazere      The Duck Girl is Swimming in the Lake (a circle dance)

Kohutik Jaraby                The Spotted Rooster

Pumpovaly Dve Panenky   Two Maids Pumped the Pump (a finger play)

Vstavaj Jubo Hore            Wake Up, Jacob

Kolo, Kolo Mlynske           Wheel, Wheel of the Mill (a circle game)

Ked’som Chodil Do Skoly    When I Used to Go to School (a folk dance song)

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