Valentine’s Day In Japan  ( バレンタイン)

You know Japan has a very unique culture and that also applies to Valentine’s Day ( バレンタイン) as well.

First of all, unlike many other countries, most people buy chocolate as a gift instead of all other possible gifts (e.g. perfume, jewelry, etc.) What’s more usually only girls buy a gift and boys just accept the gifts. It’s all even-steven when boys buy a gift in return and that is 1 month after the Valentines day  ( バレンタイン)  that is March 14th which is also called the White Day (ホワイトデー, Howaito Dei).

Just as you might think this is a bit different, wait for this: girls also buy a pack of chocolate for other girls. Yes, whether its because they might feel shy to present chocolate to a boy they are interested in or just think there’s not someone special around them, most girls in Japan buy a valentines day gift (chocolate) on February 14th ( バレンタイン) to not to miss the opportunity of enjoying this day. Watch this Meiji (the largest chocolate maker in Japan) to get the idea.

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