Welsh Etiquette

Welsh Etiquette

Wales is legally part of the United Kingdom, which comprises of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Most of the etiquette in Wales is the same as in other parts of the United Kingdom. Politeness is very important, so remember you please’s and thank you’s. Most people think it is rude to be blunt or to talk very loudly in public. Generally, people do not touch someone they do not know very well. Being on time is important, especially in the business world. Welsh people also do not like meetings to be spontaneous, and it is important to schedule events and meetings well in advance.

Do not be upset if people seem a little cold or stand-offish, that is a normal attitude to come across in the UK. Friendliness is less important than politeness in Welsh culture. The class system is very strict and it is important to respect it. Shaking hands is an important way to be polite and to be friendly. Women are always supposed to extend their hands first when shaking hands with men.

Welsh people are very proud of their cultural heritage. Many signs are in both English and Welsh. Recently there has been a big movement in Wales to start speaking and using Welsh much more often. People there generally do not like to be called “English.” Many will not mind being called “British,” but generally people prefer to be called “Welsh.” English people and Welsh people have a long history of not getting along and cultural disagreements so people might be offended if you call them English.

Fortunately, the Welsh are also a very understanding people. They are well aware that other cultures may have very different ideas of what being polite is. The Welsh are well-known for their hospitality so do not feel too intimidated if you ever go to Wales! Generally people will be very happy that you have taken time to learn about their homeland and culture.


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