Welsh Fashion

Welsh Fashion

In recent years Cardiff, the capital of Wales has become an important city in the world fashion scene with many new and exciting designers mixing contemporary and traditional ideas to make something unique. The most famous Welsh fashion designer working today is Martin Wilding Davies whose street fashion label The Red Dragonhood is often worn by celebrities throughout the United Kingdom.

Welsh fashion is much like the rest of the UK’s, but with its own special flairs. The Welsh have a passion for colorful patterns. Walking around Welsh cities you would see many people wearing beautiful floral patterns and paisleys. Tartan patterns are also very popular, tracing back to Wales’s Celtic roots.

Cardiff fashion week falls in October of each year. During this week local designers show their new collections on the runway. Retailers also play a part, receiving awards like Department Store of the Year and showcasing their wares for a massive audience. Fashion fans are given exclusive deals and coupons as well, all in the spirit of boosting Welsh fashion to new heights.

It is likely in the coming years more and more Welsh fashion designers will be making a name for themselves on the global stage.

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