Why DinoLingo is a Great Language Learning Program For Kids

There are dozens of language learning platforms out there for kids. It is important to know which will teach your child correctly, but also keep them engaged. DinoLingo wants kids to enjoy their experience and help them develop a love for their new language.

Here are 5 reasons why DinoLingo is a great language learning program for kids:

  • DinoLingo is reliable and trustworthy.

DinoLingo has taught kids new languages since 2010. Over 30,000 families have trusted us to teach their child throughout the decade, and we have a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews.

  • DinoLingo offers more languages than anyone else.

DinoLingo has 50 different languages for you to choose from. To put that into context, Rosetta Stone has 25 and DuoLingo has 38. From Spanish to Thai, we can help your child learn any language that is important to your family and culture.

  • DinoLingo has more extensive content than any other online language learning system.

We have 25,000 activities in all. Plus, we don’t only have videos to teach your child a language. We also have traditional material books, worksheets, flashcards, and songs. We suggest kids log in and practice once a day, so the different options keep kids wanting to come back for more.

  • DinoLingo offers the gamification technique.

The gamification technique takes education and makes it fun. Our lessons are given through games and activities, so children don’t realize they are learning while doing them. DinoLingo has a reward system, so they’ll be encouraged to learn more in order to compete. They earn stars and dinosaurs, so kids love coming back every day.

  • DinoLingo uses the immersion method.

The immersion method makes sure kids are constantly hearing, learning, and speaking the language. We use real-life experiences to help them understand how they can use the language in their everyday world. This is close to how we learn our first language, so it’s an easy and stress-free process for children.

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Online lessons for kids: dinolingo.com

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