Will Learning a New Language Cause a Speech Delay for My Child?

Every child learns at a different pace. For some, learning a new language is a breeze. But for many others, it can be challenging. Will learning a new language cause a speech delay for your child? Possibly, but they will catch up.

When a child learns two languages at the same time or they start learning a new one early in life, it may look like their development is slower than other kids. This is because their brains are learning two different languages. They may have smaller vocabularies for both languages at first, and it could look like a delay at first glance. Researchers have found that the vocabulary sizes of bilingual kids are equal to or greater than monolingual kids.

  • Here’s an example:

A monolingual child may know 50 words in English. A bilingual child typically would like 25 English words and 25 French words at the same age. Try to remember they will have double the vocabulary monolingual kids will have once they catch up with each language.

This is when they may not talk a lot. They’re just trying to differentiate languages and really learn by listening.

It’s necessary to point out that bilingual kids could experience delays just as much as a monolingual one could. So, if you are worried about this you can work with a speech-pathologist. They can help to uncover any issues your child may be having.

  • There are many benefits to learning a second language as a young child.

They will have improved functioning skills. So, they’ll be able to think flexibly, have more self-control, and focus better than other kids. They could also achieve more in school, have better social skills, be more creative, and have better mental health in the future. To learn more about the benefits of bilingualism, click here for our article about it.

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