Advantages of Learning a Second Language for Kids

There are a lot of benefits to learning a second language. Many of them are seen in adulthood. However, if a child learns a second language at a young age, parents will be able to see the benefits as soon as they start school.

Here are some advantages of learning a foreign language for kids:

  • Students achieve more in school. Grade school children that are bilingual are known to have higher test scores, reading levels, and even IQ’s. There are numerous studies that show these results. The Miami Herald is one of many news sources that have reported how bilingual children’s brains are permanently changed because they’ve conquered learning double the vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. So, they’re more likely to stay focused while in the classroom and retain more information.
  • Kids learn better social skills. Bilingual children have to develop better listening and speaking skills to learn two languages. They also get a chance to understand more than one culture, as languages are influenced greatly by the culture they come from. These skills put together make a more well-rounded, empathetic person. This in turn makes the child a better friend and overall human being in the future.
  • They’re more creative. Several studies also prove this one. Dr. Cardillo explains his theory on why this happens in a Psychology Today article. Basically, he’s says kids have to train their brain to understand different grammar and sentence structures in a second language. By doing this, they’re using the part of the brain that works out creative frustration. He says, “Bilingualism helps you drill even deeper into these components, and then, snowballs further as you move from one discipline (and life situation) to the next, strengthening the mind along the way. These strengths can come out in terms of creative problem solving and flow.”
  • It helps with mental health. AAFP reports one in six children have some kind of treatable mental health disorder in the United States. Finding success in learning a new language can boost a child’s confidence, help keep them attentive, and it can even be fun. These things can help with Anxiety, ADHD, and Depression symptoms. Bilingualism has also proven to be beneficial for mental health in the future. It can delay Dementia and Alzheimer’s up to four years.
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