What Are the Best Methods to Learn a Second Language?

Most high schools and colleges require students to take foreign language classes. But, only 20 percent of United States citizens can converse in two or more languages, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Obviously, these statistics show the classes are not working.
So how does someone learn a second language?
We listed some fun and effective ways below.
  • Online Games

There is a reason language apps are popping up all over the place. Online games can give the learner the feeling that they’re being entertained while they learn. These games are interactive, so the player has to stay focused at the task at hand. It also sparks a competitive drive. When the player wants to win, they end up learning a new language in the end.

  • Videos

Actress Mila Kunis has admitted that she watched a game show to learn English when she moved to the United States from Russia. Her story is like a lot of other immigrants through the past few decades. Videos show the audience how people talk in the language they are speaking, which exposes the viewer to a lot of vocabulary, while also demonstrating sentence structure and slang. Nowadays, there are videos specifically made to learn and understand a foreign language too, which makes it even easier for the person watching it.

  • Flashcards

Did you know there is science behind flashcards and their effectiveness? They were created to require learners to recall what is on the other side, which creates a stronger neural connection in the brain. Repetition is very important for people to learn and understand new languages. Whenever the person learning the new language struggles with a certain word, they are able to use that flashcard more frequently, and it helps them memorize it. The process may feel frustrating at first, but the feeling of finally remembering what’s on the other side of that thin card is true joy and victory.

  • Practicing

Practice makes perfect! Use all of these productive methods together and you’ll be practicing your way to bilingualism. It’s all about taking the time to do something in the day that teaches something new about the language. The more someone slacks off on practicing a new language, the easier it is to forget what they’ve learned. They can also even forget to practice at all. Try to find a certain time in the day to play an online game, watch a video, or use flash cards. Create a habit and continue to do it every single day at that specific time.

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