Deer Facts – Animal fun facts for children

DINOLINGO  If you’ve ever been on a highway outside of the city, you’ve probably seen a “Deer Crossing” sign. These signs are all over the country, and the reason is because deer are all over the country! In fact, deer are all over the world. Deer are fast, graceful animals, and they usually live in wooded areas.

They eat grass and other vegetation, and all over the world they are hunted for their meat and their antlers. The antlers are probably the part of the deer that people notice the most, but only male deer have antlers! Reindeer are the only deer where this is not the case. Deer are really great swimmers, and they can also jump really high.

Even though deer are hunted by people all around the world, they are respected by many cultures who see them as a sign of nobility. Who knows if deer are happy with this tradeoff, but at least they are getting something out of the deal!


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