Dolphin Facts – Animal facts for children

It seems like dolphins are some of the most popular animals in the world, and it’s no wonder why! In addition to being really, really cute, dolphins are extremely smart, and they are extremely friendly. For centuries, there have been stories at sea about dolphins helping to save drowning sailors, or about dolphins protecting people from sharks, but these are not just stories at all!

Dolphins have a lot of human characteristics, and one of these characteristics is that they like to take care of others who are hurt, sick, or in danger. Not only have dolphins been known to help humans or other dolphins that need help, but they have also been known to help other ocean-dwellers! Dolphins have a whole bunch of other human characteristics too. One of these is that dolphins love to play.

Also, dolphins communicate through speech! Dolphins live in communities called pods, and they use group hunting to catch fish. Even though dolphins are mostly friendly, they are strong enough that they do not have any major enemies in the sea. Some of the smaller dolphins can be in danger from some of the bigger sharks, but for the most part dolphins are able to take care of themselves!


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