Facts about the Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with rich ancient history and wonderful nature. Ukrainians are hospitable, kind and friendly. They share respect for their elders, women, and love for children, nature and animals.Ukrainians became famous all over the world for their sense of humor and artistry, as well as their talent and skills to create wonderful works of art. For centuries Ukrainians decorated their everyday life with embroidery, weaving, painting, carving and pottery.

Traditionally Ukraine is a Christian country. More than half of Ukraine’s population belongs to the Orthodox Church. There are also Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and people of other faiths.

Ukraine is rich in beauty. The country can be proud of its breathtaking cities, remarkably fine historic buildings, museums, castles and other attractions. Black Sea and Sea of Azov, Crimean and Carpathian mountains underline the beauty of Ukrainian nature. Cathedrals and churches, ancient castles retain the charm and attraction for lovers of antiquity.

Culture of Ukraine dates back to ancient times and it is testified by considerable number of monuments of ancient civilizations on the territory of Ukraine. Traditions in Ukraine are very interesting and original, and Ukrainian people cherish them proudly. Even today many historical songs such as the “dumy” and the playing of the “kobza” – which was popular during the 16th century, are still enjoyed.

Family is very important for the Ukrainians. And of course, its origin and existence is accompanied by many Ukrainian rituals and rites, customs and traditions. Sending matchmakers, betrothal, wedding night – all these cheerful components are complied with people nowadays.

A lot of Ukrainian customs are associated with the birth of a child. It is also believed that pregnant women should not meet with sick people, look at snakes or get hair cut, sew or cut, buy something for an unborn baby. In general, the less people know about the pregnancy, the better. Extremely important is the Ukrainian rite of baptism. The majority considers it a sin to refuse the status of godfather or godmother.

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