Common Traditions in Ukraine

Traditions in Ukraine are related to the old Ukrainian pagan symbols. For example, mischievous, poetic and very old celebration of Ivana Kupala (the night of July 7) was once associated with the day of Solstice. Even nowadays you can see how girls do round dances and start up wreaths in water, and guys jump through a fire and look for flowering fern.

Another old Ukrainian tradition is associated with the rotation of the sun – January 7 (now – Christmas in Ukraine). Back in time it was acceptable to guess the future in winter time, and even now Ukrainian Christmas traditions are divination and appeal to the forces of nature. On the eve of the Old New Year (January 13), children and adolescents still walk from house to house, knock on people’s doors, sing carols and collect gifts on Christmas. As a traditional custom, it is preserved mostly in villages.

In Ukraine people strongly believe, that if you want to have prosperity in the new house, let a cat go in first. According to the Ukrainian signs, if you want to be alone, then sit at the corner of a table and you will never get married. Do not pass anything through the threshold, if you do not want to quarrel: better step on it or come into the house.

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