Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is an important part of the nation’s culture, lifestyle and customs. Well-known for its great flavors, Ukrainian cuisine was influenced by Russian, Polish and Turkish neighbors. Popular ingredients in the cuisine of Ukraine are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruit and herbs. Hospitable Ukrainians serve their meals in very generous quantities.

Ukrainian cuisine has a good reputation in the world. Various pastry (dumplings, cakes), dishes of meat (Ukrainian sausage, poultry), vegetable and dairy products (fermented baked milk, cottage cheese), various fruit and honey drinks are widely popular abroad.

Ukrainian Borsch is loved in many countries and is known to the whole world. Borsch is cooked from fresh vegetables: cabbage, beets, tomatoes, garlic and parsley. The combination of these products gives borsch amazing aroma and taste.

Various cereals, dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese, potatoes, cabbage, stew meat with potatoes, pork stew with cabbage and bacon, salo (pork lard) are widely widespread in Ukraine. A significant part of Ukrainian national cuisine would hold fish dishes: crucian baked in sour cream; fish rolls; carp stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat.

Ukrainian national cuisine is traditionally dated to various holidays and rites – marriage, birth of a child, leaving for military service. So, pancakes made from wheat and buckwheat flour and the dumplings were a must-have dish at Carnival (Pancake week). For the most solemn holidays people baked pies with meat, liver, and other fillings. Ceremonial dish of stewed dried fruit is called “uzvar”. Now, these dishes can be found on the menu of every restaurant.

Ukrainian cuisine is actually very easy to cook. A great number of unusual combinations create unique dishes. Bread is “a head of everything” in Ukraine. There are lots of methods used in preparing breads, which are often used in rituals and customs. Dishes often include pickled vegetables, available not in season. Pastries and cakes are very good, but not very sweet.

List of Common Ukrainian Foods and Holiday Dishes

Borsch is a beetroot and cabbage soup often made with meat and garlic.

Hubivka is a mushroom soup with greens.

Oseledetz is pickled herring spiced with onion and sunflower oil.

Paska is Easter bread.

Korowai is braided sweet bread used in wedding celebrations.

Babka is an Easter bread containing dried fruit.

Varenyky are boiled dumplings stuffed with potatoes, cheese and cabbage.

Kefir is sour milk, type of thin yoghurt.

Holubtsi are cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice.

Pechenya is a roasted pork, lamb, beef or veal.

Deruny are potato pancakes served with sour cream or cheese.

Shashlyk is marinated pork and vegetables grilled on fire.

Tort is a sweet dessert cake made with walnuts or almonds.

Kutya is a Christmas dish made with honey, nuts and wheat.

Pampushky are fried rolls, often served with minced garlic.

Kvas is a drink made from bread and yeast with kind of a root beer taste.

Compote is dried fruit or fresh berry drink.

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