Sounds of Persia

Traditional Musical Instruments


  • Daf: a Sufi instrument to be played in Khanghah-s for Zikr music, but has become a popular Persian instrument
  • Dotar: comes from a family of long-necked lutes and can be found throughout Central Asia, the Middle East and as far as the North East of China in Xinjiang as well.
  • Nay: a vertical reed flute with a long history in Persian classical music. The instrument has six finger holes in the front and one on the back of it.

Traditional Music

“The earliest examples of Persian Classical Music which are directly linked to the modern performance date from the times of Safavid dynasty (16/17th century), while its codification into modern form happened during Qajar reign (19th century). Until the 1900s, Persian Classical Music was almost exclusively within the purview of the royal courts and small, wealthy audiences,” (

Folk music has grown to be a Persian favorite, and traditional Persian music is growing in North America. Iranian pop music is also on the rise, extremely popular and takes on a world of its own.

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