Persian Folktales and Games for Kids

Famous stories or epics:

  1. Simorgh is a Persian fairy tale. Simorgh is a bird whose nest is on a tree in middle of the Persian Gulf, which contains all the seeds of all vegetables. It may symbolize the perfected and wise human being.
  2. One of the greatest Persian heroes is Rostam. As a young child, he killed the crazy white elephant of the king. He then tames his legendary horse, Rakhsh. He passed through a hero’s journey, which is called “Rostam’s Seven Quests”.

Children’s Game:

An exciting game for five players is Gusheh-Gusheh (means corner to corner). First, players mark a 4 × 4 meters square by chalk on the ground and draw a circle in the center. Then they mark the corners of the square (by connecting two points from either side). One player is selected to stand in the center and the other four stands in the corners of the square. The corner players should exchange places quickly with each other before the player in the center gets one of their places on the corner. The player who loses his corner has to stand in the center and the game continues.

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