Persian Greetings, Customs, and Etiquette

  • The most common greeting is “salaam” which means peace.  When Iranians meet each other they shake hands and sometimes kiss each other.
  • To signal to someone, put your hand out with your palm down, and curl your fingers in a scratching motion.
  • To signal yes, dip your head down with a slight turn.
  • To signal no, move your head up and back sharply.
  • Shaking hands with a child shows respect toward the parents.
  • Values:
    1. In Iran, the family is the basis of the social structure. Families tend to be small, only one or two children. Iranians take their responsibilities to their family quite seriously.
    2. The main religion of Iranians is Islam but some of them are Zoroastrian, which is ancient religion of Iran. Muslims’ holiday is Friday.
    3. The workweek in Iran is Saturday through Thursday.


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