Religion, Holidays, and Children’s Leisure time

Religion and Holidays

Predominant religion with Serbs is Christianity, but the branch called Orthodox Christianity. It is quite similar to other Christian beliefs and the difference is most notable with numerous beautiful orthodox monasteries – they are very ornamental and they resemble the medieval Byzantine Empire. Serbs are specific and proud of their special holiday – the slava. It is a family patron’s day. Each orthodox Christian Serbian family has its own patron saint – the most usual are St Nicholas, St John, and St George, but there are many others as well. When that day comes, their families prepare glorious feasts, invite numerous guests and celebrate all days, or even for three days. There is also difference when it comes to Christmas time: for Serbs it is not in December, but two weeks later – in January – and they do not cut the pine for Christmas tree, but the oak.

Kids Enjoy- Leisure Time of Serbian Children

Almost all of the January is time for winter holidays, when Serbian children do not go to school but to hills and mountains. They adore skiing, sledging and snowball fighting, but skating and ice hockey are not that popular. The other major school break is in summer. For two months and a half during the summer children leave the school and enjoy swimming, either in numerous rivers or at the sea. But, to see the sea Serbs must go abroad. Then they usually visit their neighbors – Croatia, Montenegro or Greece.

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