Stories and Normal Serbian Interests

Stories and Epics for Kids

Quite often, the elders have to stay wake overnight. That is the right time to tell old stories and songs to the kids. Those are the stories of past battles and heroes. One of those heroes is Marko Kraljević – a superhero of every Serbian child. Allegedly, he was a fifteenth century hero no one could fight or outwit and carried huge maces and shared vine with his horse! In those nights, the elders play music also – they take a traditional Serbian instrument called gusle, with strings made of hairs from horse tails, and they make harsh and squeaky sounds only one’s grandpa might call music. Sometimes they connect their hands, make a circle and start traditional Serbian round dance – kolo. Serbian youngsters, alike any in the world, prefer rock, dance, techno, disco, rap or any other modern music, but they like to dance kolo as well, for it is joyful group dance.

Fun Serbian Common Activities

Besides music, Serbs like sports. They are excellent in tennis – with their Novak Đoković as one of the best in the world. Their basketball team quite often won against best teams of the world –even USA. They are respected opponents in water polo and handball. But, what they especially like is the soccer (which they call football, as all other Europeans do). There are two major Serbian football teams – Partisan and Red Star, and one is supposed to be fan of one of these. If not, you are hardly accepted as sports lover at all.

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