Serbian Food and Background History

Serbs are Slavonic people living in Eastern Europe. They are related to other Slavonic nations, such as Russians, Polish, Czech, Slovak and about dozen others. That means they can quite well understand each other when speaking. Actually, Serbs have even much closer relatives – Croats, Bosniacs and Montenegrins and when speaking they respective languages they understand each other perfectly, to the point that a foreigner would easily conclude they speak the same language. Serbian language is somewhat specific when compared to those related languages. Namely, Serbs are one of few who can write their language either in Cyrillic, their traditional script, or in Latin.


Serbs live in the European peninsula of the Balkans. They are mainly concentrated in their homeland – Serbia, but they are scattered among their neighbors: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and they make a considerable part of population in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. Their homeland – Serbia – is land of mountains, rivers, forests and fields. It is perfect place for growing fruits and Serbs do that very often. They are famous for their apple and plum orchards. Plum is traditionally used for making home brandy. In autumn, Serbs go to their grandparents in the country to help them collect plum, and in winter their grandfathers start producing world-known home-made brandy – the slivovitz. In those days, the elders employ small home distilleries and turn all those beautiful juicy plums into something less useful – adult drinks. But those days are fun for kid also.


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