Stegosaurus – Dinosaur facts

The Stegosaurus is one of the most popular dinosaurs, and the huge plates on that stood up from its back make it really easy to recognize. These plates were probably used to protect the Stegosaurus, but some scientists think these plates did other things too. In fact, these plates might have even helped keep the body temperature of the Stegosaurus right where it was supposed to be!

Not only did the Stegosaurus have plates that stood up along its back, but it also had four big spikes on its tail. These spikes were also used to keep the Stegosaurus safe from attacks, and all this protection was important, because the Stegosaurus was not a fast dinosaur. The Stegosaurus was a plant eater, and it probably wandered around really slowly from place to place.

Both these forms of body armor helped to keep the Stegosaurus alive, but maybe the most interesting thing about the Stegosaurus is not what was on the outside, but what was on the inside!

Because of the small head that the Stegosaurus had, their brains were very tiny. This is something that all scientists agree on, but some scientists think that the Stegosaurus had a second brain further back in its body!

On the Stegosaurus skeletons that have been found, there is huge empty place near the hips, and this is where some scientists think the second brain was. If these scientists are right, it would help explain how these huge animals were able to move around with such a small brain in the front of their heads.


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