Triceratops – Dinosaurs

The Triceratops was the last type of dinosaur to become extinct, which means that they lived more recently than any other dinosaur! The Triceratops is very easy to recognize, because it had three horns on its face and a really big head.

In fact, the head of the Triceratops could be longer than a full-grown man, and two Triceratops heads would have been as long as one Triceratops body! Because the Triceratops had such a big head, it needed very sturdy legs to keep it standing.

It was a plant-eating dinosaur, and these short, sturdy legs kept the dinosaur’s mouth close to the ground so it could gather food. In fact, the Triceratops was built a lot like the modern day Rhinoceros.

Most Triceratops fossils have come from Canada and the States of Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado (where the first one was found), so if you live in one of these places you might have had Triceratops who lived millions of years ago where you live now!

Triceratops traveled in groups, so…who knows! You might have even had a whole family of Triceratops living right in your own backyard.



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